MAGnificent Support at a Fraction of the Cost!


"We have been with MAG Carriers for two years and we cannot come up with one single complaint about MAG Carriers!! That's almost impossible, yet it's true with MAG. From our first contact with them until today, we cannot say enough about MAG. Everyone here, from the owners, (George and Pat Hayes) to recruiting, to safety, to payroll and maintenance, everyone is friendly, professional and eager to help you. Reba and the other load attendants are a joy to work with! They're family, and that's not just words, it's true."
Don and Trish Bandach
"When I joined Mag Carriers I didn't know what to expect. I drove to Ga. to lease on and met the most friendly people who soon became my second family. MAG has allowed me to build a business within a business. They have allowed me to book all of my own loads and negotiate multiple contracts with shippers for direct freight. I started with only one truck now I have multiple. MAG has allowed me to purchase 2 trailers through their lease purchase program and leased me another one so I can secure an account . I would highly recommend them to any owner operator as I did to all my neighbors lol ."
Cedric Avery
"We began our journey with MAG Carriers LLC in 2019. We have been blessed with being a part of a team/family that is always looking out for the best interest of those they work with. We are grateful for the professionalism shown toward us . We are also very appreciative for the prayers made on our behalf when we have lost one of our family members. It is great to know that we are not just a number to MAG Carriers. We thank you for your continued business."
Chad Sr. & Chad Jr.
Freight Runner LLC
"When I was looking for a job, the only place was MAG. This was a decision that I chose and that I am sticking to until I retire. The support from everyone in the office has been better than any company I ever worked for. The help, support, and encouragement has made life on the road much easier."
Christine Cupples
I've been with MAG since 2019. My experience has been nothing short of exceptional. MAG treats you like family. You have a staff of professionals behind you; help is only a phone call away. The company is powerful and reputable enough to run with the mega carriers, but small enough to know you by name when you call the office. Since my time here at MAG, I have been able to grow. I am the captain of my own business. There are expectations, of course. They expect you to maintain your equipment, cover your weekly expenses, and be a person of integrity. My philosophy is that I don't work for MAG. I work with them. I book my own freight. I negotiate my own rates, and I go when and where I want to go. Nobody questions you about taking time off or how you run your business. My parents always told us that if you can't work for yourself, then something is wrong with you!"
Marvin Huguley
MAG is one of the best trucking companies in the industry that I have the pleasure to work with. I have been with several companies over the past 20 years and none of them has measured up to MAG. There are several companies that do the same thing as MAG, but without the same results. This is the third time I've been with MAG. I left thinking that the grass was greener on the other side of the fence and to my surprise, it wasn't. Even when I wasn't with MAG, they checked on me from time to time, which in my eyes is one of the signs of a company that cares about you as a person. As a truck driver, you are only as good as your support team, and MAG constantly goes to bat for their driver's time and time again. With their high Christan values and work ethic, MAG is a good fit for me. My hat's off to Mr. George and Mrs. Pat for building a great company and team!
Jerry Bickham
"My experience with MAG for the last 3 years has been nothing short of Amazing, when I first signed on, the recruiting process went smoothly. The Staff here are all nice but more importantly they are super knowledgeable about their jobs, I love that this is a Christian based family environment, they do everything in their power to make sure you have all the information possible to be a successful Owner operator."
Ronnell Collins
"It is a mostly laid back and relaxed place. MAG Carriers dispatcher's and front office staff is always great to work with. Overall I would just say it is an honest, reputable company (which isn't super common in this business) and I enjoy working with them."
Sam Spence
We really do feel like we have drawn a winning hand. You can't beat the support you receive from MAG Carriers LLC.I talk to people all the time about the discounts and the services that are available through MAG Carriers Like they say, MAG will never let you stand alone. When someone asks me about our experience, I will tell them to check out MAG If you want to be a successful truck owner, MAG Carriers is the way to go. If you are willing to do the hard work, MAG will help you become a success as a business owner in this industry.
John and Jenny Reyes
In my 3 years as an owner operator, it has been an utmost pleasure to work with MAG not only as a carrier, but as more of a business partner that allows me to run my business as I see fit.
Chad Pflanz