At MAG Carriers, LLC, safety is a top priority. We have always had a strong commitment with regards to safety and with the implementation of CSA 2010 we are dedicated to making sure that both the owner operator and MAG Carriers are compliant in each area of CSA 2010.

CSA 2010 is a program that has been implemented by the FMCSA to help improve safety among tractor trailers. A portion of the program is aimed at getting a better idea of how well commercial motor vehicles and drivers are complying with safety regulations. This is mainly done by roadside inspections. With that being said, MAG Carriers is committed to being in compliance with FMCSA regulations.

We believe that CSA 2010 will allow us to provide better service to our customers. The information that is provided by the CSA database will allow us to lease only the best owner operators who share in our commitment to safety. Thus, allowing our company mission statement, "To honor and glorify the Lord by providing excellent customer service based on our Christian values," to be a true commitment to our owner operators, employees, shippers and brokers.

If you are an owner operator who is considering leasing with MAG Carriers and who desires to be with a company that is compliant, we urge you to read our safety policy and call Toni Smith at 706-699-7043 ext.2413 if you have any questions.

MAG Safety Policy (pdf)


Meet the Safety Department

Toni Smith


Safety Director

ext. 2413

Part of the family since June 2011

 ext. 2413. Part of the family since June 2011. Toni is our Safety Director and as such is responsible for formulating policies to keep MAG in compliance with the ever changing regulations. Her department ensures that all of MAG's drivers and owner operators are following DOT FMCSR's. She also handles all insurance matters. Toni can be contacted at 

Ruth Wallace


LOG Compliance 

ext. 2414

Part of the family since February 2015

Stefenie Purvis


Assistant to the Safety Team

ext. 2429

Part of the family since January 2018