Payroll Department

The payroll department is responsible for processing weekly settlements for all of our owner operators. They ensure accurate calculation of pay by entering all rate sheets and revisions, withhold all advances taken off loads, and take all weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly deductions. They are also responsible for sending out earnings statements when requested, answering any pay questions, and sending out 1099's at the end of the year.

Tina Merkerison


Payroll Supervisor 

ext. 2416

Part of the family since February 2018


Tina oversees the processing and distribution of payroll each week. She ensures payroll records are updated and reports on any matters of interest.   

Susan Newsome


Payroll Clerk

ext. 2437

Part of the family since June 2018

April Cowell


Payroll Clerk

ext. 2427

Party of the family since July 2018



Data Entry Specialist 

ext. 2423

Part of the family since April 2018