Operations Team

Ashley Cason

Ashley Cason

Operations Coordinator

Part of the family since March 2018



Part of the family since March 2018

Ashley is responsible for supervising our team of Load Attendants and assists drivers as needed with problems or issues with the loads they book. She coordinates between the load attendants and the paperwork team to ensure that all the paperwork has been received to ensure our drivers are paid promptly  and correctly. Our operations team is responsible for calling and going over rate .


sheets with the drivers to ensure it's what they agreed upon with the broker, signing and returning the rate sheets to the broker and sending the driver a copy, giving fuel advances, reminding drivers of upcoming expiration's, and helping with any problems driver's may encounter on the road. They are also responsible for our two after-hours phone numbers. We provide these numbers to our drivers so they have a 24/7 contact at MAG in case of emergencies or to book a load after-hours or weekends if necessary. Our operations team can be contacted at


Reba Brous


 Lead Load Attendant

ext. 2421

Part of the family since November 2007

Amanda Brooks


Load Attendant

ext. 2415

Part of the family since October 2016 

Cathy Ard


Load Attendant


Part of the family since June 2018

Heather Utley



Load Attendant

ext. 2426

Part of the family since April 2019

Dee May


Load Attendant

ext. 2435

Part of the family since February 2019 

Chanequa Hudson


Load Attendant

ext. 2422

Part of the family since February 2019

Ashley Brookshier



Load Attendant

ext. 2420

Part of the family since July 2017